Thursday, August 28, 2008

Neighborhood Watch




The City of Lone Tree is looking for Neighborhood Watch Coordinators and Block Captains for The Enclave. We have Neighborhood Watch support in almost every community in the City of Lone Tree and we need help in The Enclave to support the residents in that community.

The main responsibility would be to get your neighbors to sign up for the Neighborhood Watch Program. You would also need to go through Block Captain training at the Police Station, this would involve one evening of your time.

It should be emphasized that joining the Neighborhood Watch does not require a large amount of time. The purpose is as follows:

1. The City of Lone Tree Police Department provides e-mail alerts on occasions when it deems that there is a problem in the community. For example- during the recent Mountain Lion sightings the LTPD sent very timely email alerts residents to be aware of the lion and what to do in the event of a sighting. The lion WAS sighted very close to the Enclave!
2. If your Neighborhood Watch Coordinator receives alerts from the Attorney General’s office on fraud alerts or other consumer problems, you are sent these alerts immediately. Note: These are very helpful on keeping you informed of the latest scams.
3. It gives you an opportunity to know your neighbors.
4. It gives more eyes and ears to help keep the community safer.
5. You have the opportunity to meet each month with the Police Department to help with the direction of their services. The CAPP meetings are held the last Wednesday of the month.


1. They contact people in their block- The Enclave: encourage them to join the Neighborhood Watch Program.
2. If they agree, then obtain their Names, Phone Numbers and e-mail address.
3. Distribute information from your Community Coordinators or Lead Block Captains.
4. Attend the Neighborhood Watch meetings scheduled for your Community.
5. Encourage people to notify you when they are on vacation or need their homes watched. (Police Department does house watches.)


1. Host a National Night Out party for your block or group the first Tuesday in August (This year will be August 5th.)

2. Participate in one of the C.A.P.P.’s Events. (Community And Police Partnership)

A. CAPP meets on the last Wednesday of the month except in November & December when there are no meetings.

B. They decide what activities we will work on during the year and they address issues concerning the Police and Public. This is where and HOA may bring up and issue.

Although you are a gated community, criminals are always looking for people who have let their guard down. A strong neighborhood watch makes the community safer for their children and citizens that may not be able to always help themselves.

Your time is greatly appreciated! If you are interested in helping out please contact me at: I am willing to assist you with canvassing your area to help with getting neighbors to join the Neighborhood Watch Program.


Jim Goodnight

Neighborhood Watch Coordinator

Cell: (303) 726-7777