Sunday, March 27, 2011

Landscape Maintenance

After several weeks of interviews and careful consideration, the Board of Directors approved a landscape and snow removal contract with Valleycrest Landscape.  A total of six companies were considered.  Three companies made final presentations to the Board:  Valleycrest, Western Proscapes, and Colorado Property Care.

The selection of any contractor involves subjective as well as objective criteria.  The Board spent considerable time developing its wants/needs list (scope of work).  It spent more time determining how to evaluate the various proposals.  Ultimately, the criteria came down to four major areas.  They were (in order of importance):  Quality of Proposal; Relevant Experience; Cost; and Other.  Quality of Proposal and Relevant Experience were equally weighted and comprised roughly 70% of the weighting.

Based on the quality of its proposal and the extent of its relevant experience, the Board unanimously determined that Valleycrest's qualifications exceeded those of the other two finalists.  In addition, their cost structure made them competitive with the other finalists.

Valleycrest will begin work this coming week, as you may have noted from the signs in the entry.  

  • They will be pruning the property on TUE. 3/29 and Wed. 3/30
  • They will be applying Pre-Emergent  3/30/2011- 3-31/2011

● If you DO NOT want the product applied at your property and/or there is something you DO NOT  want pruned please mark it or let Dave Kinney know and he will forward the list to Valleycrest.

Valleycrest has also expressed willingness to provide services to homeowners on an individual basis.  Contact the management company office and they can help you make contact.