Sunday, May 1, 2011

Community Projects

The interior concrete work has been mostly completed.  Monday we will begin work at the front (Yosemite) gate.  The gate will be closed for approximately 10 days while work is completed.  Then, the back gate will be closed for the about the same amount of time while work is completed there.  After the concrete work is completed we will be doing some major asphalt work at the front entrance, and patching and repairs throughout the community.

With the concrete repairs completed, we can now turn on the water and green up the lawns.  Over half the systems have already been inspected and repaired, and they should be turned on Monday.  We expect the rest to be activated no later than Wednesday (May 4).  Fertilization will be done beginning on May 2 as noted in the signs at both entrances.

Painting is scheduled to commence on June 20.  Around June 1, we will send a third party contractor to inspect and photograph all roof issues on houses to be painted.  Any roof tiles damaged by the painter will be replaced after painting is completed.  To determine if your house is on the schedule, you can refer to this document:

Houses listed under "2004" are scheduled for this year, "2005" will be painted in 2012, and "2006" in 2013.