Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Enclave Updates

This might be a long posting, with everything going on, so you might want to grab a cool beverage, sit back, and take it all in.

Back Gate

We hope to have the back gate reopened tomorrow, Thursday at the latest.  Thank you for your patience during the concrete work.  We could not overcome the weather issues to get done before the holiday like we planned.


Valleycrest will be in the neighborhood the rest of the week.  The board approved tens of thousands of square feet of repairs to the lawns caused by winter kill and mites.  Areas that are dead will be resodded if they are in the front, and reseeded if they are in the back or away from the street.  If you receive new sod, your water usage will have to be increased for a short time to support it.


This would include rabbits and raccoons, that I am aware of at this time.  The HOA is not responsible for removing the animals on your property.  Because of your proximity to open space, getting the animals to recognize property lines is always going to be a challenge.

The Division of Wildlife has some tips for dealing with the varmints of the striped tail variety.  You can find that list here:


We are working to put together a list of pest control companies if owners want to contract a professional to help with eliminating them.

Asphalt Work

Once the back gate is open from the concrete work, unfortunately, we will begin working on asphalt replacement both front and back.  I will try to keep you informed on this website as the date gets closer.  No further work on the gates will be needed, so the down time should be much less during this phase.


There just isn't enough going on so we're going to work on painting those houses that were last painted in 2004.  The new projected start date is July 5.  I will send letters to each owner whose house is being painted, but will also post updates on the website.


Don't forget about the annual meeting, 7:00pm June 29th at the Lone Tree Golf Club.