Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Centennial Airport - Noise Issues

Here are a couple of links and some information about Centennial Airport Noise issues.  Susan Lewis, new Enclave owner, has had some success in dealing with noise issues in other neighborhoods, and we think her information is good for Enclave owners to have.

The first one is an FAQ about noise and regulations:
The second is a link and phone number to the Centennial Airport Noise Complaint Online Form and Phone number.

Noise Complaints may also be logged via the automated voice mail system at 303-790-4709.  

Todd Green oversees and monitors all noise complaints from surrounding communities and residents are encouraged to call in using the IVR system or the online form to file a complaint. It's very easy and can have big impact if residents call consistently. Todd and the airport are very responsive, especially if air traffic occurs during early morning hours, involves stage 2 aircrafts that are flying too low, and when traffic should really fly farther south of Lincoln before turning West (thus, those are the pilots we need to keep honest to fly at least to Lincoln Ave!).
We encourage you to report noise violations, and hope you find this information helpful.