Friday, September 14, 2012

Remote Gate Controllers

A question came up at the board meeting last night about compatibility of the community gate openers with various remote controllers.  Here's what we know as far as what works and what doesn't:

Liftmaster models 9xxLM work.  (The "xx" will be two numbers, such as 71 (for a single button remote) and 72 (for a two button remote).  We know that these work.  Liftmaster models that start with a "3" are known not to work.

Chamberlain KL IK1U 2 button remotes work, but only on Button #1.  No other Chamberlain remotes are known to work.

Genie, Sears or other brands of door opener remotes do not work.

Many Homelink buttons (built into some cars) can be programmed.  Some Lexus and Toyotas cannot.  It's basically hit or miss and we have to try them to see.

To schedule an appointment to program a remote, please contact the Management Company.