Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Snow Removal (2012-2013)

As you know, removal of snow from front porches was discontinued by the board last year.  The policy remains the same this year.

However, the new snow removal company, Cox Professional Landscape, will offer individual service for owners wishing to have snow removed from their front porch.  Service will be available as follows:

3" - 16" storms:  $15 per event.

Over 16" storms: $30 per event.

To sign up for the service, please send an email including your name, phone number, Enclave address.  Normally billing will be done by email; if you need to have a bill sent by regular mail please indicate that along with the address you want it sent to.

Note that we are unable to provide service for a specific event unless you are signed up for the whole snow season.

Send your request to dlkinney@cchoapros.com.