Wednesday, December 12, 2012

Enclave Potential Plumbing Issues

We've observed several houses where there is a slow, gradual leak at the backflow preventer.  The cause is a deteriorating shutoff valve (located in the basement of your house).  We recommend that you have a plumber check the valve; it likely needs to be replaced before it fails completely.  A failing valve could cause significant water damage, especially if it goes unnoticed for a while.

In the course of repairing one valve, an owner reported that his pressure regulator was also defective and needed to be replaced.  Denver Water supplies a great deal of pressure to the houses in the Enclave.  Most were fitted with pressure regulators several years ago.  While you have the valve work done, you should have the regulator checked as well.  Too-high pressure could cause damage to appliances and plumbing equipment.

Here is the list of addresses we've noted the dripping:

9726 Brook Hill Ct.
9581 Silver Hill Cir
9580  “    “
9604   “    “
8967 Meadow Hills Cir.
8987   “      “
9005   “      “
9016    “    “
9017    “     “
9709   Brook Hill Ave
9703     “     “           
9685    “     “
9594 BHL
9570   “
9562   “
9516 BHD
9640 SHC
9627   “
8982 MHC
9058   “
9061   “
9051   “

The plumbers we know of that have already done work in the Enclave for this problem are:

Quality First Plumbing    (303) 916-6226
John Marcus 303-915-7228

If Enclave residents have other referrals for plumbers, you may leave the information as a comment to this posting by clicking "Post a Comment" below.

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