Monday, April 15, 2013

Board Meeting Highlights-Gates, Landscape, Dues (4/11/2013)

Thank you to the 18-20 homeowners who came to the board meeting on April 11.

During the budget meeting, owners had many questions regarding the insurance issue and subsequent budget reduction.  The $30 reduction in dues goes into effect on May 1.

If you have signed up for automatic withdrawal with the HOA, your monthly payment will be automatically adjusted.  If you use a bill pay service or other means to pay your dues, you will need to make the change yourself.  Coupon books will not be reissued; if you use coupon books you may continue to use the old ones.

Jeff of Swingle Tree answered owner questions.  He noted that under the three year plan, all trees that he felt were in need of trimming have been done to this date.  The next round of trimming will occur in early 2014.  Pine/spruce trees have been sprayed for IPS beetle, and ash trees are being treated to prevent ash borer.

Adam of DGO Access discussed options for upgrading of the aging gate entry system.  Based on discussion and owner input, the board is planning to remove the existing keypad at some point in the near future and replace it with a non-telephonic system.  They also intend to move the front gate keypad to the center island so that visitors won't have to make such an awkward turn to get into the complex.  Further study is planned once quotes are finalized.

Concerning the gates, during the week of April 22, we will be closing the back (Heritage Hills Circle gate) entrance full time in an effort to stop "through" traffic in the community.  We will then determine whether the gate should be closed permanently.  Owner comments as we test this will be appreciated.

We will begin spring cleanup this week, including aeration, and begin sprinkler activation next week (April 22). Please watch for emails and signs regarding the activation.

MARK YOUR CALENDAR: The annual meeting is tentatively scheduled for June 13 (pending reservation of a room at Lone Tree Country Club).  Please plan on attending.

The next regular meeting of the Board of Directors is scheduled for May 9, 2013 (and every 2nd Thursday each month.)